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Intelligent Building Systems in Miami

Create intelligent building systems in Miami with the help of Advanced Control Corporation

New properties, or even existing ones, can be designed to include the latest innovations in intelligent building systems in Miami. Your property can be upgraded to include the benefits of more efficient energy management, integrated systems, access control and CCTV solutions. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in intelligent building systems in Florida, and we have been a vital part of creating some of the most respected building projects in the State.

Advanced Control Corporation can provide your business with a variety of system solutions to help you manage and monitor every facet of your building’s operation. Intelligent building examples that we provide are closed-circuit television networks, and elevator and building access control. Some of the many other intelligent building examples that we offer include:
⦁ Cost-effective energy management
⦁ Integrated building management systems
⦁ Building analytics
⦁ Enterprise solutions
⦁ Building automation
⦁ Energy conservation projects
⦁ LEEDS certification
⦁ Service solutions

For those of you who are not familiar with the intelligent building systems jargon, which can be a little intimidating until it is explained, let us be clear: the intelligent building definition, as stated in the Intelligent Building Dictionary, is a building that integrates technology and process to create a facility that is more productive, more secure, and more operationally efficient. Advanced technology that is combined with design, construction and operations improvements can provide a better indoor environment that offers improved temperature control, air quality, safety, and comfort while reducing energy consumption and operations personnel.

Well-managed intelligent buildings are designed to be physically and digitally integrated through infrastructures that provide the highest level of cost-effective and sustainable services. They provide improved asset reliability and performance while minimizing waste and energy consumption. Intelligent building definitions may vary based on the ever-evolving nature of the industry, but there is always a starting point from which to proceed from. Advanced Control helps to educate and train your management personnel, offering on-line and on-site instruction in understanding and managing your intelligent building systems. Your building’s operation will be streamlined, energy efficient and cost-productive when you upgrade to intelligent building solutions.

Intelligent Building Solutions in Miami

If you are interested in utilizing intelligent building solutions in your property to help eliminate waste, minimize energy usage, recycle resources, save on operating costs and create a safer, more effective environment for you and building occupants, then

Advanced Control Corporation can help you. We can improve your building management system with metering and monitoring systems that are integrated into one management interface. We can help you find hidden costs and inefficiencies, improve building data, optimize operational performance, reduce energy costs, and create a high-performance environmentally friendly building.

Our experience in intelligent building systems in Miami can maximize your property’s potential and eliminate inefficiencies. Some of our many services include:
⦁ Thermal energy storage
⦁ Water conservation
⦁ HVAC optimization
⦁ Lighting control
⦁ Video surveillance systems
⦁ Electrical usage
⦁ Elevator access monitoring
⦁ CO monitoring for parking garages
⦁ Tenant override
⦁ Identify and card management systems
⦁ Integrated access control system

We can improve your building’s efficiency and performance while saving on gas, electric and water costs. We provide a comprehensive assortment of: technical maintenance and operational support, monitoring capabilities, operational modifications, scheduling engagement, maintenance and service programs and much more. The range of our services includes:
⦁ systems applications support
⦁ on-line support and client on-site training
⦁ scheduled inspections
⦁ repair and replacement services
⦁ energy conservation consulting
⦁ software/database archiving and storage

Another one of our intelligent building examples is our surveillance and security systems, which utilizes the latest technologies to secure your property, assets, inhabitants and IT data. Your system will provide protection against employee theft, tampering and break-ins of IT data. Building security controls include digital video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection. Video analytics identify and record activity in all areas of your property including security sensitive areas.

South Florida Intelligent Building Solutions

Advanced Control can help you create an intelligent building system to effectively manage your building operations, and reduce costs. We also provide energy conservation project implementation that offers valuable features such as reducing waste by recycling valuable resources. Your building will operate at its highest level of performance when you integrate intelligent building systems in Miami.

Learn More About Intelligent Building Systems in Florida

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