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Smart Building Management Systems in South Florida

For commercial building owners in South Florida, smart building management systems have become an absolute necessity. Smart, or intelligent building management systems as they are commonly known, provide many benefits that South Florida commercial building owners need in order to manage their buildings effectively.  They integrate the various control systems so they work together efficiently, they make sure the building environment is comfortable, and they help to keep the premises and tenants secure. Perhaps most importantly, smart building management systems in South Florida provide an additional benefit: they keep energy costs under control, even in the excessively hot and muggy conditions that exist in this region. All these benefits make intelligent building management systems the one thing that every commercial building owner in South Florida needs to incorporate.

What is an intelligent building management system?

An intelligent building management system is the control system that integrates all the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a facility into an enhanced IT infrastructure.  Networking these control systems allows intelligent building management systems to leverage the shared information to make sure the building operates as efficiently as possible.

Why are intelligent building management systems so important in South Florida?

Temperatures in South Florida average higher than 90 degrees for the summer months, according to the latest U.S. Climate data. As the effects of climate change continue to grow, these temperatures are only going to get higher. Energy costs are already the largest single operating expense of commercial buildings. Making sure their facilities are as energy efficient as possible is the best way for South Florida building owners to keep energy costs under control.

How can intelligent building management systems lower energy costs?

In an average commercial building, as much as 30% to 40% of the facility is unoccupied at any given time. The lighting, HVAC, and cooling systems in the building remain on when occupants leave, wasting energy and driving up operating costs. Smart building management systems use motion sensors, access card readers, and passive RFID scanners to detect when tenants exit from any section of the building. Automated energy conservation features turn off the lights and cooling systems in the unoccupied areas.  By eliminating unnecessary energy use and making all the systems in the building work together as effectively as possible, intelligent building management systems can lower energy costs by as much as 30 percent.

How do intelligent building management systems create a comfortable environment?

To insure tenants have a comfortable working environment even in changeable humidity and heat conditions, South Florida smart building management systems automatically adjust ventilation and cooling output to maintain precise temperature set points. Tenants who work erratic hours or at unscheduled times can adjust HVAC settings through their tablet or smartphone so the building is at the desired temperature by the time they arrive.

What are other benefits of South Florida smart building management systems?

Security issues are a growing concern for commercial building owners in South Florida and across the country. Intelligent building management systems use the latest digital video recorders and Bluetooth cameras to provide an encompassing surveillance system. Building owners can monitor any area in their facility directly through their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Smart Building Management Systems in Fort Lauderdale & Tampa, Florida

Advanced Control Corporation has been an industry leader in providing smart building management systems in South Florida since 1987. Whether you are building a new structure or performing a retrofit on an existing building, Advanced Control Corporation will incorporate the latest intelligent building technology to design a building automation solution that exceeds your expectations.

Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 to discover more ways our smart building management systems can improve building energy management in South Florida facilities!

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