Florida Smart Building Technology

Did you know that smart building technology can save you money? Your business can realize savings not only on operating costs, but also in the repair and replacement of equipment by providing sustainable solutions, and malfunction detection devices. A smart building management system can oversee your entire building’s operations, while providing important feedback to management personnel. Problems that are brought to the attention of managers can be swiftly addressed before there are any system failures, saving your company both time and money. Here are some benefits that make smart building technology an asset to your business:

  1. Outdoor moisture sensors can detect the precipitation in the air and in turn regulate your irrigation system so that it is only used when needed.
  1. Smart building technology has the capability of connecting to smart systems inside of an employee or visitor’s automobile as they pull into your parking lot or garage. This feature will lead that person to the first available parking spot or charging stations for Smart cars.
  1. Your building management system can allow for biometric devices to be used to identify personnel and allow them entry into secure areas of your building.
  1. A BMS system app can inform personnel of available conference rooms and other areas of your building, and also provide a map with the shortest route to the area.
  1. Smart technology provides wireless charging systems to be imbedded in desks and conference room tables, enabling employees the ability to recharge their mobile or other devices.
  1. A BMS system easy user interface allows individuals to share monitor screen information, during conferences etc, whether they are in the building, on the property or elsewhere.
  1. Your building management system will efficiently and cost-effectively manage your heating, lighting and air conditioning systems. Phone devices will be able to connect to the BMS system to regulate heating, air conditioning and lighting in your building or outside on property grounds.
  1. Phone apps can also inform employees about cafeteria menus and allow them to pre-order their meals. Meal costs will be automatically deducted electronically from the employee’s account. Employees will be able to save time and be more productive.
  1. A building management system integrates all business operations into one cohesive whole. Smart technology allows for easy access and management of all your building’s systems that include: lighting, HVAC, security and surveillance, elevator and other access control, and much more. Emerging technologies will be able to adapt to existing systems and improve performance and efficiency.
  1. Smart building technology will allow your managers to oversee your energy management system. This system will utilize resources efficiently, reduce waste, lower operating costs, conserve natural resources, recycle wastewater, monitor real-time operations, collect data, detect problems within your systems, raise alerts for problems, interact with other systems and much more.
  1. Your BMS system can save your company approximately 15% in capital asset spending by optimizing existing building resources and improving maintenance management.
  1. New wireless technologies are placing a building’s data and storage into a cloud platform. Smart building technology is allowing non-compliant buildings to be retrofitted with wireless technologies to upgrade their building systems. This process helps to avoid having to rip up floors and walls to install new building technology.
  1. Biometric sensors can be used to determine if a specific area is being occupied, allowing the BMS system to regulate lighting, thermal comfort and other environmental controls.
  1. Smart building technology is testing ways for future smart building management systems to be able to diagnose and repair infrastructure problems without human intervention.

Smart Building Technology in Florida

Smart building does not only depend on automation but also on smart human behavior. Recycling, turning off lights, adjusting temperature settings etc. via mobile apps, all make for a cohesive smart building. To learn more about the advantages of smart building technology, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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