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Florida BMS System Benefits

If you are thinking about incorporating a BMS system into your building infrastructure and wondering if it is the right fit for your business, you are on the right track. A building management system (BMS system) offers many incredible advantages to any business and is a smart business investment. An intelligent building management system provides sustainable energy management and waste control to all your operating systems. These are vital systemic strategies that will significantly lower your operating costs by properly managing and conserving energy usage. You will obtain actionable management strategies for all of your building systems and property. Below are some of the various building management system advantages you will receive:

  1. One of the best BMS system advantages is that your company and property will increase in value.
  1. The design and installation of an intelligent building management system provides sustainable solutions to your building infrastructure and environment.
  1. You may see overall equipment operating cost expenditures decrease by about 15% annually.
  1. Your intelligent building management system will provide security for your property, building occupants, and business assets such as IT data, and other resources.
  1. An intelligent building management system provides access control to elevators and other areas inside your building. This is an important safety measure that protects against any security breach. A well managed intensive security system can also protect your company against employee tampering and theft, and also deters criminal activity and damage to your property.
  1. A BMS system ensures that energy usage will be reduced, waste will be eliminated and performance will be optimized, saving your company time and money.
  1. An intelligent building management system is designed to be adaptable to change as your business needs evolve. New technologies can be incorporated into your existing infrastructure, and BMS system software can integrate access to outside platforms.
  1. A BMS system will monitor and manage your building security system to utilize advanced access control, plus surveillance and intrusion detection technologies. Your security system can be customized to address the needs of your building and property vulnerabilities, and also secure all building occupants and vital resources. Intelligent building management system advantages include the use of digital video surveillance, RFID scanners, CCTV, biometric scans, access card readers, smoke and toxic gas detection devices, and lighting control.
  1. BMS system software allows your managers to access data for monitoring, analyzing, scheduling and managing every mechanical and electrical system in your infrastructure from one centralized location or off-site via cloud technology. Your BMS system software provides a user-friendly graphics interface that makes access and management simple and unified.
  1. Your BMS system allows access to air quality and safety, temperature and humidity control, video surveillance and power monitoring for one single building or multiple structures. Access can be achieved via tablet, mobile phone device, or the Internet.
  1. BMS system advantages also include improved sustainability for the extended life of operating systems and equipment.
  1. An automated lighting system uses a sophisticated web of sensors, occupancy controls and scheduling. These devices automatically shut down lighting during scheduled times of the day or night, and also in unoccupied areas. Areas include building interiors and outside walkways, parking garages, loading docks etc. The U.S. Department of Energy reports a 30% annual savings on lighting costs with the use of an intelligent building management system.

Florida BMS System Benefits

You can have peace of mind knowing that your building is being properly managed and secured. Advanced Control Corporation has been creating BMS systems since 1987 and we oversee every one of our projects, from implementation, integration and operation. We are well known for providing quality products and service to our clients, which includes: tech support, maintenance and service programs.

To learn more about BMS system advantages contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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