Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami Buildings

Many commercial building owners believe that the fire alarm and sprinkler systems in their facilities are enough to protect their tenants and property in the unfortunate event of a fire. While these safety systems do help mitigate structural damage and evacuate a facility, they don’t provide any protection from one of the deadliest effects of building fires – toxic smoke produced by the flames. Fire-related fatalities are more often than not caused by smoke inhalation. Smoke from building fires contains carbon monoxide as well as other toxic gases released by burning different office items. Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami buildings integrate seamlessly with your building automation system to channel smoke from the affected areas in your building, ensuring the wellbeing of your tenants.

Building Smoke Evacuation Systems

Smoke can spread swiftly through a building, especially commercial ones, due to the abundance of furniture, paper, and plastics found in offices. The smoke produced by an office fire is a toxic mix of chemicals and gases, usually hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide. These chemicals can inflict serious damage to a tenant’s respiratory system, causing blurred vision and confusion and ultimately respiratory failure. Protect your building’s tenants with Advanced Control Corporation’s smoke evacuation systems for Miami buildings, which are designed at the highest standards in terms of functionality, speed, and safety.

Smoke Evacuation Systems for Miami Buildings

The smoke evacuation system works by integrating with your building automation system, using your building’s HVAC equipment to channel smoke from affected areas during a fire. Once the system is in place, it can respond instantly to any signs of fire.

There are three main ways to manage smoke within buildings:

  • Airflow Method – this method uses fans to stop airflow to unaffected areas and produces airflow to direct smoke movement.
  • Pressurization Method – requires the system to maintain a pressure difference between the area of the fire and nearby zones. It is very effective in preventing the spread of smoke to other areas of the building.
  • Exhaust Method with Passive Containment – this method uses fire doors, smoke dampers, fire dampers, fire barriers, and fire partitions to contain the smoke, limiting its spread. Exhaust fans are used to remove smoke from the damaged area, creating a safe environment.

Building Smoke Evacuation in South Florida

Protect your property and tenants with one of our smoke evacuation systems. As an industry leader for more than 25 years, Advanced Control Corporation has improved the energy efficiency, security, and safety of thousands of buildings by installing innovative building solutions that integrate energy management systems, smoke evacuation systems, CCTV, HVAC control, and access control.

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