South Florida Security Automation Solutions

Is your office building security system adequately protecting your property and building inhabitants? If you haven’t upgraded your system in a while you should take another look at how it is operating and whether or not it is sufficiently effective. New threats to security systems for buildings advances every day and you should keep up with it to protect your assets. Protecting your property with advanced security solutions before there is a breach is a smart business move.

Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is an industry leader in building automation and south Florida security system protocols. Our security automation solutions will upgrade your facility to meet the threats that commercial buildings have to deal with on a daily basis. Your South Florida security system can protect one structure or multiple structures, even at varying locations, with easy management access via desktop, laptop, mobile or other IT resources. We can implement sufficient security strategies utilizing a selective array of monitoring and restrictive devices that can be managed whether you are on-site or off.

While the criminally intent are upgrading their strategies, you can be engaging office building security measures to restrict and divert their activity. Monitoring devices and access control can put a stop to employee theft of important IT data and other resources and assets.

Our security systems for buildings and outdoor property utilizes a host of commercial surveillance devices that will monitor and detect any activity. Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems are an effective way to monitor activity in every area of your structure and outside property. Guards and managers will be able to scan all activity from one convenient location to effectively secure building inhabitants and resources and also notify law enforcement if necessary.

Rechargeable Wi-Fi wireless cameras can be placed in various locations throughout your property without having to access utility outlets. Various types of cameras are used for effective office building security and outside property, such as:

  1. Fixed position cameras can be mounted on walls or ceilings and are equipped with swivel heads to monitor any area.
  2. South Florida security solutions includes adaptable pan/tilt/zoom cameras that cover blind spots, can change position 360 degrees, and can zoom in on details.
  3. Network cameras are useful for transmitting real-time images and data to internet locations, where they can be accessed by your security managers.
  4. License plate capture cameras provide visuals on all vehicle activity in garages and parking lots and can intelligently read the license plate number of any vehicle.
  5. Security solutions also includes thermal imaging cameras that captures activity taking place in complete darkness, regardless of weather conditions, by discerning thermal readings of all objects.

ACC security systems for buildings integrates access control into your security system so that security managers are able to steer, and restrict traffic anywhere within your structure. They have access to real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor property and can restrict employees and visitors from entering specified areas.

In the event of a security breach, your lighting control system will be activated and illuminate breached areas with light to help deter criminal activity, and also assist cameras in taking clear images in darkened spaces. We are experts at integrating comprehensive south Florida security systems that will protect your building inhabitants, assets and resources so that you can have peace of mind that everything is being done to deter criminal intent.

Discover The Best South Florida Security Automation Solutions

You can upgrade your commercial structure now with a south Florida security system by contacting Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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