building automation and control systems in Florida

Often times, when we walk through the entrance of a commercial building, we are greeted with a sliding entry door, air conditioning or heating, good lighting and other conveniences that make our time spent there comfortable and conducive to getting the job completed. While we are expecting technology to function smoothly so we can accomplish our goals, we may not realize how much is going on behind the scenes in order for all of this to take place. This is where a building automation system steps in. These systems are centralized, interlinked networks consisting of both software and hardware that control and monitor multiple environments inside of an industrial or commercial facility.

Building Automation Systems Explained

A building automation system not only manages multiple building systems at one time, it also guarantees a structure’s operational performance and keeps its inhabitants safe and comfortable. The next time you step inside a high-tech commercial building, consider all of the systems that are working together to make that building functional and safe. These systems will control and monitor the mechanical and electrical function, temperature and lighting, the building’s elevators, security and more. Each sophisticated system is able to share its information with one another through an IP network, in order to ensure everything is working resourcefully.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the systems that can be controlled and how a building automation system can benefit your property:

  1. Temperature Control – Being able to control temperature is crucial for commercial and industrial spaces. When a building automation system is implemented to control temperature, energy costs are reduced, individual areas are monitored and scheduled control points are set up. These control points ensure specific temperature points are maintained during certain hours, days, etc. In addition, an Automatic Tenant Override can be installed into a user’s smartphone, allowing temperature settings to be adjusted for unexpected arrivals or outside weather influences.
  2. Lighting Control – Think about how much money can be saved by installing specific zone and time controls that allow lights to be on or off as scheduled. All of this and more is possible with a building automation system. In addition, when occupants enter or leave an area, lights are activated or deactivated.
  3. Closed Circuit Television – Did you know you can survey and monitor all parts of your building and its surrounding areas with a building automation system? Even better is the fact that you can control security aspects from one easy-to-use graphic interface. When it comes to the issue of security, these systems can help you with license plate capture, thermal imaging, pan/tilt/zoom features and more.
  4. Access Control – Perhaps your building contains certain areas or floors with restricted access. If so, a building automation system can regulate the use of certain areas and resources in addition to allowing or denying specific individuals access to floors or regions of the building.
  5. Life Safety Systems – Properly contain dangerous situations and keep the inhabitants of your building safe by interlinking all security, fire, safety, smoke and surveillance systems into one area through a building automation system.
  6. Air Quality Control – While many of us do not think about the air quality of a building or parking garage, it is an important feature that needs to be controlled in order to keep inhabitants safe, comfortable and healthy. Through an automation system, you can have indoor monitoring of CO, CO2, and NO2, that not only tests for these levels but can identify unsafe levels and eliminate them. In addition, parking garages can also be monitored for unsafe air quality levels, as well as indoor areas monitored for humidity and unpleasant odors.

Imagine monitoring and controlling all aspects of your building through a single interface, using an intricate touch-screen workstation in-house, or with a smartphone, laptop or PDA when you are remote – anywhere in the world – as long as you have access to the internet.

Building Automation & Control Systems in Florida

All of this and more is possible with Advanced Control. We have been a leader in the building automation system industry for over 27 years.

Contact us today at 954-866-1139 and let us help you run your building more efficiently and safely with the installation of an automation system built for your unique needs.

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