Customized Intelligent Building Solution

As building owners, you are always looking for ways to integrate systems and save money. When you decide to work with Advanced Control Corporation, we can help those interested in learning smart building enhancements to customize an intelligent building solution.

What Is an Intelligent Building Solution?  

Smart Buildings provide business owners with the most cost-effective approach to technology systems, and some benefits of intelligent building solutions include many features that are automated into daily operations. At Advanced Control Corporation, we can customize an intelligent building solution for any size business. This customization means we will incorporate building automation through energy management, access control services, and CCTV technology.  

At Advanced Control Corporation, we offer web-based automation solutions providing business owners remote access in real-time to all happenings in their facilities from anywhere they have internet capability. On top of making sure we have customized an intelligent building solution to fit your needs, we can also provide your smart building automation system with environmentally sound solutions, reducing the overall carbon footprint.  

Thinking about the different options in intelligent building solutions, we look at various features, including energy conservation. Reducing energy costs remains one of the leading benefits of smart building solutions. When we look at energy conservation, we can look at adding motion sensors, RFID sensors, and automatic tenant override options. All of these things add flexibility as well as protection to the operating systems within a facility. 

  • Motion Sensors – These allow the system to register when the building areas are being occupied and turn on the lights and adjust the temperature. The same goes for when the site is not occupied. These motion sensors will then turn off the lights and lower the temperature not to waste energy in an unused area. 
  • RFID sensors – These sensors can be an excellent addition for night cleaning crews when they come into the building as lights will automatically come on and turn off as cleaning crews move throughout the building. 
  • Automatic Tenant Override – This gives the power to other individuals apart from the intelligent building system to adjust the building’s HVAC settings to have the desired temperature upon arrival to the facility.  

Benefits of Smart Building Solutions & Why to Customize  

At Advanced Control Corporation, we believe smart buildings offer something more than just energy efficiency. Here are our three top reasons why you should customize an intelligent building solution for your business: 

  1. Occupant Focused – When it comes to smart building solutions, these buildings have been built to make the occupants’ experience better by offering convenience, better health and focus, and better security while using less energy than other building solutions.  
  2. Automatic Management – Smart buildings are easier to monitor and manage while saving money on operating costs. No longer does someone need to control the HVAC and lighting systems manually, but instead, they can dedicate their time towards proper management while allowing the system to run these tasks, eliminating human error automatically. 
  3. Remote Access & Operation – Another great benefit of smart building solutions is their ability to be monitored and managed from wireless systems. This ability means owners and building managers can access and control the building’s operations from anywhere with access to the internet and a phone or a table.  

No matter the size of your building or the type of business, we will work with you to create a system to fit your needs. 

How Advanced Control Corporation Can Help You  

Since 1987 we have worked with companies all over Florida, making strides to be the finest system controls company in the state, helping companies find building solutions to fit their needs. We work with companies from the initial energy design concept through the installation process and ongoing system maintenance to ensure our customers’ businesses see the least impact on daily operations during installation while also lowering their carbon footprint.  

Contact us to speak with one of our design experts who will help you create a customized intelligent building solution for your unique facility. Call us at 954-491-6660 today.

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