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Advantages of Building Management Systems

Want to turn your property into an intelligent building? The advantages of building management systems are amazing.

Have you discovered all the great advantages of building automation systems? If you are a business owner, you will be pleased to learn how a smart building system can save you money on operating costs while protecting your property, buildings and assets. Advanced Control Corporation has been assisting Florida businesses for decades in becoming more energy efficient and environmentally responsible. We are an industry leader in designing and creating intelligent building systems from the ground up, or integrating one into your existing system. Now you too can reap all the advantages of building management systems.

Your smart building system will provide access and control of every area and process of your building infrastructure. We offer a wide array of comprehensive services that include cost-effective energy management systems, intelligent building systems integration, access control, CCTV surveillance systems and much more. We offer many services including the design and installation of energy conservation systems, building management systems, and maintenance and support services, to keep every facet of your business operation running smoothly, sustainably and cost-effectively.

Some of the advantages of building automation systems are:

  • The advantage of becoming energy efficient by minimizing energy usage and waste
  • Increasing the value of your business and property
  • Providing sustainable solutions to your building infrastructure and the environment
  • Providing security for your property, building, its’ occupants, and business assets such as IT data and resources
  • Providing indoor environmental safety and comfort through your HVAC system
  • Decreasing equipment operating cost expenditures by about 15% annually
  • Conserve resources of the natural environment
  • Provide access control to elevators and every area of your building
  • Minimize the risk of employee theft, tampering or break-ins
  • Provide an intensive security operation to avert criminal activity and damage to your property

You can be secure in the knowledge that your smart building system will provide many benefits that will protect your business interests, significantly cut operating costs and protect your system processes from wear and tear by offering sustainable solutions. A well managed intelligent building system is physically and digitally integrated throughout your building infrastructure to allow for complete access and control of all system operations. Once we design and construct your smart building system, we can educate and train you and your managers in how to understand and operate your system. We also offer online and on-site instructions and support.

With energy costs sky-rocketing and eating up about 29% of your operating budget, it is a wise choice to upgrade to an intelligent building system. The added environmental stress of heat and humidity puts an extra burden on HVAC systems of Florida businesses. One of the advantages of building management systems is that you can control your building’s environment through the use of energy efficient processes that reduce energy waste and relieve you of high energy costs.

Other advantages of building management systems is security for building occupants and tenants, who will be pleased to know that your building is being monitored and controlled to maintain security. Your intelligent building security system utilizes advanced access control, and surveillance and intrusion detection technologies to provide protection against any threat to security. Your security system can be customized to meet the needs of your building and property vulnerabilities, and also secure building occupants and resources. The use of RFID scanners, access card readers, biometric scans, digital video surveillance, CCTV, smoke and toxic gas detection devices, lighting control, and much more are all a part of the many advantages of building automation systems.

Discover The Advantages of Building Management Systems

Your smart building system can be accessed by authorized personnel through an easy graphics interface from one convenient location, or off-site through cloud-based technology, tablets and Smart phones. An open communication system allows you to stay connected to, and manage, every facet of your building’s systems. To learn more about the advantages of building management systems contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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