Building Automation Security Solutions in South Florida

In today’s increasingly uncertain times, protecting your building and tenants with a security system is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity. In the past, if you wanted a secure building, you could just hire live guards, but nowadays building automation security solutions are the norm. Since protecting the physical premises was all that was required, hiring someone to monitor your facility around the clock was sufficient to ensure the safety of the premises and occupants. With the rise of digital technology, security has become a more complex issue. Buildings now require computerized building automation systems for daily operations; these systems, when combined with the use of IT data centers and remote access servers, can leave your building vulnerable to hackers who may wish to compromise your operation. Your tenants also have concerns about security, as they face the possibility of break-ins and theft by former employees as well as the looming threat of industrial espionage. Fortunately, you can be fully protected with an integrated security system from Advanced Control Corporation. Our security measures, which include access control, digital video surveillance, and intrusion detection, can be easily incorporated into your overall building management system to shield your building and tenants from harm.

One of the many benefits of Advanced Control’s building automation security solutions are the degree of customization they offer. For the utmost control and security, our technicians can install a comprehensive building automation solution that encompasses all building operations: HVAC, lighting, air quality control, utility monitoring, and energy management, as well as all the components of our complete security solution. You can choose our complete security solution, which encompasses access control, elevator control, CCTV security cameras, and DVR monitoring technology, or you can install components on an individual basis. Each stand-alone component of Advanced Control’s security solution provides valuable features to give you peace of mind:

Access Control System – Using RFID card readers and personal entry cards, our access control system allows you to control access to various areas in your building on a person-by-person basis. You can set day and time restrictions on access, so employees such as janitors can only enter an area during specified times. Our access control system logs every attempted and accomplished door access to provide you with a clear audit trail. When employees are fired or resign, their cards can be instantly deactivated, immediately removing any possible security risk.

Elevator Access Control Systems – The same cards that provide access control in your building can be used to protect your tenants’ corporate security by restricting unauthorized individuals from using the elevators to access protected floors. Our elevator control system provides dynamic control of memory and is able to manage event data for up to 50,000 card holders at 20,000 events, retaining ID events data and settings even during power failures.

CCTV Surveillance Systems – Our closed circuit television surveillance system can allow a single guard to monitor your entire premises. We provide a wide selection of camera types, including network (IP), fixed position, pan/tilt/zoom, thermal imaging, and license plate capture cameras.

CCTV Recording Solutions – Advanced Control’s recording solutions offer you complete flexibility in selecting how to record, display, monitor and organize your video images. We offer digital video (DVR), network video (NVR), and hybrid video (HVR) recording systems to ensure you have the video recording solution that best fits your needs.

Video Surveillance As A Service – VsaaS – Building owners on a budget will appreciate our remote video monitoring service, which lowers the cost of storage, maintenance, and equipment while providing you with expert around the clock monitoring of your facility. You can access the video feed remotely over the Internet whenever desired.

Building Automation Security Solutions in Florida

Advanced Control Corporation’s South Florida security system solutions have given thousands of local building owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their premises and tenants are completely protected. Let our security design experts install your customized security solution today!

Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 for a customized building automation security solution that will protect your premises and tenants from harm!

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