Energy Efficient Hospitals in South Florida

When it comes to energy, efficiency, safety and security, have you contemplated if your healthcare or medical facility is in good health? In today’s highly competitive healthcare arena, hospital and healthcare management must consider if their property is not only efficient in terms of energy, but is also safe for patients, their families, staff members and provides a comforting and quality environment. Even though many hospitals in the United States are over 50 years old, having an energy efficient hospital is possible when you consider the installation of a Building Automation System or BAS. Hospitals that contain older types of technologies are not typically the most energy efficient, however, rather than wasting precious energy because of older technology, a BAS can help systems run more smoothly and reduce the property’s operating costs.

When you partner with South Florida’s leader in Building Automation Systems, your hospital or healthcare facility will receive a variety of benefits. Our systems can help you better control and manage the comfort levels in rooms and areas such as patient rooms, waiting rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, cafeterias, physicians and nurses offices, lower level basement areas and more. When we mention the “comfort” of these areas, we are speaking of aspects such as lighting, temperature, air quality, ventilation and more. With a BAS from Advanced Control, you and your management team can regulate all of these systems from the main, onsite interface or remotely via an internet connection and a computer, cell phone or tablet. Through more efficient management and control of these systems, patients and occupants of your hospital will be more comfortable and have less complaints. In terms of the direct correlation between Building Automation Systems and reducing costs, these systems decrease utility costs by an average of 15 percent annually! When you break this down into savings by square footage, this can average between $.25 and $.40 savings per square foot.

Another benefit of a BAS is via a notification when an area or system isn’t working correctly or is experiencing an issue. By knowing sooner rather than later when a problem is arising, you can fix the issue quickly rather than having a system slowly malfunction and waste energy.

In addition, your newly installed building management system can help you and your security team keep the occupants of the hospital safe via a variety of interlinked networks such as access control systems, CCTV, recording equipment and VSaaS.

Our systems help you understand exactly where you are spending your energy dollars, and our team members can help analyze and identify areas within your hospital that can be improved. Imagine making your hospital members and occupants safer and more comfortable, reducing your energy costs and decreasing your facility’s carbon footprint all with the simple installation of a Building Automation System. Our systems will deliver accurate environmental control and guarantee your building is working at peak efficiency levels.

Managing and controlling all of your hospital’s areas and systems is easy with the installation of a seamless, centralized interface known as a BAS. Contact Advanced Control today to learn why a large number of healthcare facilities are turning to these systems to offer them a more energy efficient hospital.

Energy Efficient Hospitals in South Florida

Contact Advanced Control now at 954-491-6660 and let our team visit your location, learn more about your hospital’s energy needs and discuss how a Building Automation System may help lower its operating and utility costs.

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