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Energy Management Systems Integration

Increase sustainability and decrease energy waste with energy management systems integration

Buildings of all size run the potential risk of wasting energy, which is why proper energy management systems integration are a must for property owners and managers. While a common myth is that larger buildings run into more energy issues, this is simply not the case. Even small and mid-size structures can have energy waste and misuse. Luckily, Advanced Control Corporation has an abundance of energy management systems integration that can help you eliminate waste and lower your property’s overall energy costs.

Our energy management systems can help you and your personnel team have greater control over each system, eliminate wasted energy and see an accurate assessment of your energy use in real time. Our systems consist of both wireless and remote access, with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to monitor, manage and control each area inside and outside of your property. Each energy management system includes simple software navigation and easy programming tools. Property systems that can be controlled include lighting, temperature, HVAC, security, access control, elevator access, ventilation and more.

In addition to having greater control over these systems, you will also reap the benefit of saving money. In a typical building outfitted with an energy management solution, property owners can see an average savings of up to 15 percent in annual operating costs. Another benefit of these energy systems includes transforming and upgrading your building to a “green” or “intelligent” building.

By partnering with Advanced Control Corporation, thousands of properties across South Florida have become more energy effective and simpler to operate. They are able to have greater control over each system in their property and see an accurate real-time reading of the energy consumption that is taking place. Systems can easily communicate with one another and building owners are alerted to any breakdowns or malfunctions immediately, before larger problems erupt.

Is it time to upgrade your facility or even turn your property into a certified “green” structure? Advanced Control Corporation offers numerous energy management and building management systems for small, mid-size and large structures. From housing and hospitals to commercial and industrial business properties, now there is a simpler way to manage all areas of your building and organize data in a unified location.

Provide your occupants with ideal air quality, comfortable temperatures, a secure environment, and proper access into the areas they need to interact with. Energy management systems will not only save you money but they will increase the comfort of your occupants, which could lead to greater productivity.

We have worked with clients to implement all types of energy management systems integration since 1987, before going “green” was even popular.

Learn More About Energy Management Systems Integration

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 and speak with an experienced team member who is excited to share which energy management systems integration would provide you the greatest energy savings and would work best for your structure.

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