Energy Saving Tips For Commercial Buildings

Energy saving tips for commercial buildings is an extremely popular subject among property owners and managers alike. With the average overhead costs steadily increasing in the past few years, property owners are looking into ways to save money on energy costs and build greener buildings & businesses.

Advanced Control Corporation’s goal is to help business owners monitor and control the electrical and mechanical systems in their business from one easily accessible centralized location – thus making building management simpler and more cost-effective.

Here is an overview of several energy saving tips for commercial buildings:


Lighting Systems

  • A Building Automation System (BAS) can ensure that your building’s lights are turned off when they are not in use. This measure not only saves energy, but also extends the lifetime of non-LED lights.
  • Building automation systems can work with sensors that detect when a room is occupied or not, thereby reducing overall energy costs.
  • Lighting upgrades can also reduce energy costs, using dimming technology or LED systems.

Heating & Cooling


  • A Building Automation System can enable property owners to create a preventive maintenance program for HVAC systems, ensuring that the air filters are changed on a regular basis, that all parts are cleaned thoroughly, and that equipment is replaced whenever needed.
  • Building Automation Systems also allow for technological updates to be made easily and with little downtime.

Temperature Control


  • Regardless of the season, a BAS can ensure the thermostat is set at a certain temperature and maintained even when unoccupied.
  • The building automation system will adjust the thermostats automatically, according to your settings, thus saving money on cooling costs in the warmer summer months.

General Tips

Your employees can also play a big part in conserving energy on a daily basis. Here are some energy saving tips:

  • Turn off monitors, printers, copiers, and computers during non-business hours.
  • Use available sunlight for workspaces whenever possible.
  • Replace older light bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  • Assign an employee that can promote good energy practices within your organization.

Advanced Control Corporation’s Energy Saving Tips

Contact one of our building management experts today for more energy saving tips for commercial buildings!

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