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How HVAC Automation Can Lower Operating Costs

Learn about the many benefits of solid-state climate control systems and HVAC automation from Advanced Control.

Having a well-designed building automation system can make all the difference, not only in your commercial building’s internal environment but also in your operating costs. You can reap many great benefits from a management system that provides optimal HVAC automation and climate control. HVAC is one of the costlier expenditures in a commercial building, along with lighting, and needs the management of an advanced building automation system to curb waste and provide cost-effective efficiency. 

Well-Placed Building Automation Management

To reap the benefits of HVAC automation, your building’s infrastructure should be assessed to determine what is lacking in your existing system. Advanced Control Corporation is a leading Florida provider of building automation systems that integrate state of the art HVAC automation and climate control into your existing scheme. We design and build systems that are unique to your building, business needs and budget.

Most often, Florida’s commercial buildings are struggling to pump out an adequate amount of climate control to offset the harsh heat and humidity. In many cases, HVAC systems are left on to maintain a set-point of temperature and air quality even when the building, or specific zones, are unoccupied. This is an inefficient and wasteful way to manage climate control.

Older HVAC systems also have to push through a complicated maze of air flow systems, dampers, valves and other obstacles, that result in putting great pressure on the system. Our advanced HVAC automation systems are engineered to easily and efficiently navigate through the interior environment using digital logistics controls. This process creates a solid-state airflow pattern that meets the needs of the environment, from the point of origin to the place of consumption.

With the use of microprocessors, today’s HVAC automation systems are more powerful, efficient, and programmable to adjust to the needs of the interior environment. The installation of the new solid-state automation is much easier than the old systems and can be integrated into your existing system or rebuilt from the ground up. Our climate control systems are flexible and can adapt to any future additions or changes, plus, your managers can have full communication with each system, and outside platforms too.

Today’s High-Tech HVAC Automation Options

The introduction of solid-state automation companies really kicked-off in the 1970’s during the oil embargo energy crisis. Because of the severity of the situation, commercial buildings were instructed to conserve energy by keeping HVAC thermostats no higher than 68 degrees. Start-up companies like Remco, and others, began to introduce more advanced computerized systems that could address the energy demand.

Today, HVAC automation is in high gear and sub-systems have been developed to meet the different range of temperatures needed throughout a building. A case in point could be a hotel where guest suites are kept within a set-range of climate variations, while the kitchen may need a cooler environment to off-set the high heat from fryers and ovens. Each zone within a building can have its own unique climate control management as needed.

Whatever type of climate management your building requires, a solid-state HVAC system will save on operating costs and provide the necessary thermal environment. Our systems deliver sustainable energy management, waste control and infrastructure support. One of our experts can analyze your existing structure and determine what systemic techniques are required to provide maximum energy efficiency and conservation.

HVAC Automation Services in Florida

To speak with one of our representatives about a building automation system, or HVAC, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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