Intelligent Building Management Technology in Broward Florida

Interconnectivity is a term that is heard with increasing frequency of late, often used to describe how technology can connect discrete systems so they work together to their mutual benefit. This concept is at the heart of intelligent building management solutions, which use the latest web and cloud-based technology as they connect the various control systems in a building so the systems can share information and function more effectively. Intelligent building management technology is used to network, manage, and control all these disparate building control systems, providing a single platform that coordinates them over an IP network and integrates them into a seamlessly unified system. This enhanced communication allows each of the systems to function at peak efficiency, making the building much more energy-efficient. By reducing energy usage and lowering operational costs, the use of intelligent building management technology in Broward lessens a building’s carbon footprint while creating a more comfortable, responsive building environment.

The knowledgeable professionals at Advanced Control Corporation can install an intelligent building management solution that integrates all the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in your facility, streamlining operations and improving the way your building uses resources. To accomplish these goals, intelligent building management solutions employ hardware that collects occupancy information, such as motion sensors, access card readers, passive RFID scanners, closed circuit television cameras, and digital video recorders. The integrated system then leverages the accumulated occupancy information to eliminate power usage in unoccupied areas.

When occupancy sensors register that an area is unoccupied, your intelligent building management technology instructs the lighting control system to shut off the lights and stops the HVAC system from functioning. Scheduling features can be set so the HVAC system adjusts the temperature to the desired setting before tenants arrive for the workday. Tenants can also employ an Automatic Tenant Override system, which allows them to adjust HVAC settings from a remote location via their tablet or smartphone, so a specified set point is reached by the time they enter the building.

Web and cloud-based technology continues to evolve, transforming intelligent building management technology as it progresses. As an industry leader of this movement, Advanced Control offers web-based building management solutions that allow seamless interfaces to your system over a wide array of Web based platforms. Using our browser-based software, you can remotely access your building controls, easily viewing and controlling your integrated building management system in real-time through any standard web browser. Advanced Control will create a graphic user interface for your web-based intelligent building management solution that is extremely user-friendly, featuring custom-designed, dynamic color graphics with available full-motion animation. With just a quick glance at your smartphone, tablet, or PDA, you can view graphics, trends charts, and alarm system status with ease from anywhere in the world with access to the web.

As cloud-based technology continues to progress, industry experts expect the next development in smart building management technology will be cloud-based building management services. Building owners will be able to select individual cloud-based building management software services that will easily combine to create a customized building management solution. Advanced Control will continue to incorporate the latest technology as it develops, to ensure you have the most technologically advanced building management solution available.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits intelligent building management technology can bring to your facility? The expert technicians at Advanced Control Corporation can create a customized intelligent building management solution that incorporates the latest building automation systems, energy management, access control, and CCTV technology, giving you complete control of your facility.

Smart Building Management Technology in Broward, Florida

Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to discover how intelligent building management technology can transform the way you manage your building’s operations.

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