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How Intelligent Buildings Can Save Energy and Money

Learn why a sustainable building approach is so important for your business!

Did you know that renewable energy buildings produce a lower environmental impact?

The sustainable building incorporates green building materials and strategies that benefit commercial and residential properties by creating energy and water efficiency. By developing renewable energy buildings, we can preserve dwindling non-renewable resources for future generations.

Intelligent Buildings Benefits

Some of the primary benefits of the sustainable building include:
• The reduction of operating costs
• Minimal maintenance
• Lower replacement costs
• Automatic troubleshooting and alerts
• Resource conservation
• Improved safety standards
• Optimal security provisions
Intelligent buildings use recycled building materials made from industrial by-products, post-consumer materials, agricultural waste, salvaged goods, and other sources.

Drawing on the large reserve of recycled materials, building costs are kept to a minimum while producing cost-effective savings in energy usage.

Renewable energy buildings help to create a healthy indoor environment that assists in increased production, and less employee sick-leave. Sustainable building materials emit lower Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and contain low or non-toxic reproductive irritants. They are moisture-resistant, inhibiting the growth of mold and other biological contaminants.

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Energy Efficient Renewable Energy Buildings

The benefits of operating intelligent buildings are vast. Top-quality building supplies such as energy-saving electrical products, air-tight insulations, high-performance windows and doors, advanced HVAC systems, water-efficient plumbing devices, etc., all contribute to the massive amount of savings in energy usage and costs.

Water efficiency can be achieved by using rainwater catchment systems and recycling greywater for use on outdoor lawns is just the beginning. Sustainable building products such as sinks, lavatories, and showerheads that meet water conservation guidelines also help to reduce the unnecessary waste of this precious resource.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines, clean potable water for human consumption should not be used for landscaping or plumbing needs. Buildings that have commercial kitchens or cafeterias, or operate a hydronic cooling system, have higher water consumption rates and would do well to use sustainable building products.

Intelligent buildings also achieve energy efficiency by using a variety of devices like:
• Motion sensors
• RFID scanners
• Access card readers
• Other monitoring devices

Because the typical commercial building is unoccupied 30 to 40 percent of the time, it is wasteful to keep lighting on. An energy-efficient lighting system helps to eliminate this waste by monitoring and shutting down lighting in areas that are unoccupied.

Lighting controls can be scheduled for specific times of day, days of the week, weekends and holidays, and are also used outdoors in parking lots, garages, ramps, walkways, exits, loading docks, etc.

Lighting costs are one of the highest expenditures in commercial structures. By installing an intelligent lighting system that includes re-lamping with LED bulbs and other products, building owners can significantly reduce their operating costs.

Renewable Energy Buildings

Another important feature of renewable energy building is the use of green automation technology that controls heating, cooling and ventilation.

The appropriate management of HVAC processes includes providing ample, but not wasteful, service. Automation technology that shuts-down, or reduces, service in unoccupied areas can save up to 30 percent in operating costs for building owners.

Intelligent Buildings in Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

If you want to achieve maximum energy efficiency and cost-effective savings in your commercial structure, Advanced Control Corporation can help.

We are an industry leader in constructing intelligent buildings in Florida and can customize a retro-fit that is appropriate to your business needs and building requirements.

You can let our experts fill you in on all the details by contacting Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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