A Guide to the Latest Office Security Systems

Learn why integrating the latest office security systems work best. 

Is your office security system providing you with the kind of protection you need? Security systems should offer comprehensive protection that effectively addresses business needs and building vulnerabilities. If your office security systems are outdated, you need to upgrade them with all-inclusive protection. 

Effective Security Management 

To safeguard human life and your property, it is important to have a unified building management system that can control all areas of your property. 

If there is a breach evidenced by your office security system, your management system can respond with life-saving results and also notify law enforcement if necessary. 

Advanced technology has developed more exclusive equipment and devices to effectively help secure your property. For a complete retrofit of security systems, Advanced Control Corporation can upgrade your system with the latest security measures.

We also design and build office security systems from the ground up, that are tailored to meet your property’s needs.   

Your property will be blanketed with advanced surveillance and recording operations that reveal all activity taking place inside your building and outdoors too. Using IT technology, your managers will be able to access all activity that is being monitored in real-time, and also archived data.

Any activity that is deemed unusual, or criminal, can be addressed immediately by your management team. When there is cause for concern, lockdowns can also be utilized to secure specific areas for safety purposes. 

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) 

CCTV is the indispensable security device needed to effectively protect your property. This system monitors and records all activity on your property in real-time, and also alerts your managers if a security breach occurs.

All data is recorded so that your management team can review it at a later date.  

Here at Advanced Control Corporation, we install office security systems that include an array of tools and equipment that provide solutions to security problems.

Our CCTV security system uses different types of cameras, such as: 

Pan/tilt/zoom cameras

Cameras that have the ability to monitor blind spots on your property. They have a range of 360-degrees to scan any given area, plus, they also move up and down and sideways. The zoom aspect can enlarge any area of interest, such as license plate capture, and optical character recognition. These cameras are effectively used indoors and out, at entrances and exits, walkways, parking lots and garages, loading docks, etc. 

Access Control System

This system is unique in that it permits or denies access to any area of your building, including different floors and zones. It also restricts access to authorized personnel only, for confidential material and other resources like computers, etc. Elevator access control systems limit access to floors that are recorded on personal ID access cards. Access cards are also used to open doors into restricted, and other, areas. With access control, your managers can steer traffic throughout your building, and discourage loitering and wandering. 

Thermal Imaging 

This system is used effectively for security in hallways and corners, and also in dark areas both inside and out of your property. Thermal imaging is a unique security system that is used by the military, banks, law enforcement, etc. These cameras can detect hidden things that are concealed in darkness, by detecting changes in temperature. It measures the infrared heat energy of humans and other objects and transmits the infrared signals from the camera to your security team for perusal.  

Advanced Office Security Systems in Florida

Our advanced office security systems can bring you peace of mind knowing that your property is secure. 

If you are looking for an effective and affordable security system for your property, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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