Achieving an Energy Efficient Building

Making your building as energy efficient as possible is the first step to achieving sustainability. Becoming energy efficient helps your company control increasing energy costs, decrease its environmental footprint and also add value to your building and business. When you partner with Advanced Control, we will help you develop an energy efficient building strategy by analyzing your existing usage. Our experienced team members will suggest appropriate energy efficiency solutions and help you implement a variety of tools and services available to you through our company. Through the integration of a Building Automation System (BAS), you can solve your efficiency, comfort, security and equipment issues easily and affordably.

Think of a Building Automation System, or BAS, as a centralized computer hub that manages and monitors all of the inner workings and systems that make a building functional.  From heating and ventilation to lighting, control access and security, a BAS will continuously monitor all performance, keep efficiency at optimal levels and notify you when an issue arises. These centralized control systems are ideal for commercial and industrial structures that have a multitude of operations running at one time.

In addition to ensuring the maximum efficiency of your building’s operations, a BAS will also reduce energy and operation costs, increase comfort levels for the occupants of your building and make sure all systems are working safely with one another. If you are seeking to achieve an energy efficient building, ask one of our skilled and dedicated team members to share the benefits of a BAS with you. In addition, consider the following:

  1. 1. Decrease Expenditures Looking to save money? A BAS saves approximately 15% on average in operating costs for equipment within a building. In addition, if you want to lower utility costs, consider installing a BAS. A great example of savings can be seen in the example of a 100,000 square foot building; a BAS can reduce energy costs by as much as $.15 per square foot in a building of this size. Think of the different areas you can distribute this savings to!
  1. 2. Increase Occupant Comfort – Through the management and monitoring of air temperature, ventilation, and lighting, occupant satisfaction is increased. This means less complaints, less time spent working to resolve issues and overall, more productivity.
  1. 3. Improve Security – Through a network of CCTV products including cameras and recording equipment, VSaaS, plus access-control systems and more, you can increase the safety of your building, its equipment and occupants. In addition, recordings are legally admissible should you need them for a court related matter. Also, with the implementation of a BAS, you can properly contain potentially dangerous situations by interlinking all fire, safety, security, smoke and surveillance systems.

Achieving an energy efficient building is easy when you partner with the leaders in South Florida, Advanced Control Corporation. Imagine being able to monitor and control each and every aspect of your building, 24 hours a day, through one interface available in-house or remotely via your mobile phone or laptop.

Improving Energy Efficiency in South Florida

Let us help you run your building in a more efficient manner, while also saving you money and keeping your costs down.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 to learn more about how a customized BAS can streamline your building’s operations.

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