Advanced Control Corp BMS System

Reduce operating costs with a customized BMS system from Advanced Control.

Having a comprehensive BMS system in South Florida is vital to any corporate structure. Smart managers know that proper building management will rein in waste and improve overall efficiency and productivity, plus, it will also keep operating costs down. With utility prices rising and Florida’s heat and humidity uncompromising, it is imperative that you have an intelligent building management system installed in your structure.

Building Management System Basics

Through an integration process, your building automation system will unify every system within your infrastructure so that accessibility and communication is complete. Your managers will be able to efficiently monitor and manage systems that include: HVAC, lighting, surveillance and security, electrical, power monitoring, access control, water, mechanical, and much more. Lighting will automatically adjust to occupancy conditions through the use of set schedules and sensing devices. Office building security surveillance devices can blanket your entire property, inside and out, and also alert managers and law enforcement if a breach occurs.

Every part of your bms system will utilize advanced mechanical and IT technology to create an ideal, efficient environment. Your bms system will enable your management team to view real-time activity in any given area, and also analyze stored data. It will alert your managers to problems that may exist, by using detection devices that pick-up adverse activity. You will also be able to employ a tenant override system and a monthly detailed billing system.

Reduce Operating Costs with a BMS System

Energy management can be enhanced because your management team will have all the necessary data to properly control each system. This will enable your company to save up to 30 percent in utility costs by intelligently managing your lighting system and HVAC/cooling system, which are two of the highest expenditures in commercial buildings.

Plus, if you have an older structure with a complicated maze of operation, new simplified pathways can be established without having to dismantle your existing system. Our building automation system is flexible and scalable to integrate into your current system and it also accepts new additions, and outside platforms too.

BMS System Open Communication

Advanced Control Corporation has bms system software with an open protocol format. This enables all infrastructure systems data to be accessed through IT software via desktop, laptop, mobile device etc. whether your managers are on-site or off the premises. Information can be shared and feedback enabled through a unified network, giving your managers the leverage that will enable them to make smart decisions about systemic operations.

Our building management system open protocol is uniquely designed to integrate all stand-alone, fragmented systemic operations. If your building does not have an open communication standard, we have many third-party communication systems available for integration. For easier navigation, your managers will appreciate our IT software with a dynamic color graphics interface. Our user-friendly system supports: HTML, SNMP, XML, email, LonWorks, BACnet and more.

Building Automation System Safety

In the event of a fire breakout in your building, it is imperative that you have an automated smoke control system in place. This will enable building inhabitants to be sequestered from smoke until they are able to safely exit the building. Smoke evacuation systems are required by city fire codes in most large structures, including multi-housing properties, malls, hospitals etc.

Smoke evacuation is designed to force smoke out of the building through the use of exhaust fans and dampers. A fire suppression system helps to reduce high air pressure caused by intense heat, and also aids in reducing fire damage, but most importantly – it helps in saving lives.

Installing a Building Automation System

Now is your chance to use valuable technological innovations to manage every area of your building. To learn more about installing a building automation system in your building, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.


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