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Building Automation Companies in South Florida

Are you looking for a company that can integrate all of your building systems into one easy operation? Do you have multiples buildings in various locations? Whether you have one building or multiple structures, you can have an integrated building automation system to monitor and control every facet of your operation. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in building automation companies in South Florida, and we can offer you fully automated building services and solutions. We can help you increase efficiency and lower operating costs with a building automation system.

Building with a Purpose

Fort Lauderdale building automation is a big part of the city’s sustainable development program. Companies are encouraged to contribute to the well-designed development of buildings in the city. The Florida Green Building Coalition Certification program serves as a benchmark for green building standards and development, and also the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program has a firm foothold in cost-effective, efficient building development in the area. As a part of this sustainable building movement, Advanced Control Corporation has been producing intelligent building design systems since our inception in 1987, and we continue to serve the Fort Lauderdale building automation initiative.

Building Management

Building automation is a part of intelligent building design that provides viable solutions to all your building system requirements. By integrating a building automation system into your existing structure you are getting the best building management system in South Florida. Your automation system will monitor and control every electrical and mechanical system in your building through one centralized location, or off-site through the internet, tablet or mobile device. Your building managers will be able to access, manage and collect data from all building systems through one easy-to-use graphics interface. Some of the systems that your Fort Lauderdale building automation system will allow you to access and control include:

  • Air quality, comfort, ventilation, temperature control and smoke evacuation
  • Utility monitoring and management for plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems
  • IT data centers and servers
  • Security system building and elevator access control, real-time closed circuit television (CCTV) and recording solutions
  • Scheduled and automatic lighting controls


Once you have the best building management system integrated into your structure you will be able to reap its many benefits. Every system in your structure will be operating at its peak levels of performance and your building management system is designed to eliminate waste through unnecessary energy usage. Temperature and lighting controls can be managed through sensors and scanners to determine if areas are occupied or not. Scheduling is another solution that is utilized to control lighting and temperature. Nothing is left to chance because every system operates by intelligent design to be functional, efficient and cost-effective. When you have the best building management system in South Florida working for you, you can save up to 30% annually on unnecessary energy usage.

Access Data

Your Fort Lauderdale building automation system is connected to every system within your structure. You can access archived data or real-time data of every system in your building to analyze and determine if there are snags and malfunctions in each system. You will be able to establish if security, lighting or HVAC systems are not being used efficiently in some areas within your structure or off-site, such as: washrooms, closets, conference rooms, elevators, parking garages, loading docks, walkways and building entrances. By correcting inefficiencies, you are able to streamline your operation and reduce unnecessary waste and operating costs.

Get the Best

Advanced Control Corporation can give you the best building management system in South Florida. We are experts at what we do and we have the certification and experience to back it up. Our team can design a new building automation system for you or integrate one into your existing system. We will work with you to achieve your goals within your budget. We have been involved in building innovative solutions in many government and commercial structures throughout Florida, and we would love to help you operate more efficiently too.


To learn more about our great company and how to get the help of the best building automation companies in South Florida, and get the best building management system in South Florida contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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