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Intelligent Building Systems in Miami

Managing the technology that is used to control the various functions of today’s buildings is a complex task. This task continues to grow in magnitude as the number of systems in a building that can be monitored and controlled through a building management system has multiplied in recent years in response to the challenges faced by building owners. The profusion of building management systems, combined with the development of the Internet and the spread of IT infrastructure, have culminated in the creation of intelligent building management systems. An intelligent building management system is a single platform that controls and integrates building management systems into a unified whole over an IP network.

Building owners today face a number of challenges, as they search for ways to:

  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Increase tenant satisfaction and loyalty
  • Protect tenants with non-intrusive security methods
  • Lower operating costs
  • Maintain buildings and comply with regulations
  • Manage modern buildings’ technology and systems
  • Reap maximum ROI

The implementation of an intelligent building management system allows building owners to address all those concerns at one time, by combining various building management systems in Miami and services, considerably improving functionality and overall performance of those systems and integrating them into an enhanced IT infrastructure. Use of an intelligent building management system results in much lower operational costs and increased energy savings through automated energy conservation features. Motion sensors can register when an area is unoccupied and turn off the lights and lower the temperature; late night cleaning crews can be monitored using passive RFID as they check in, and lights automatically turned on and off as they work through various areas of the building. With the use of IP networks, control is expanded, allowing users to adjust the HVAC settings of the building over their smartphone or tablet so the desired temperature is achieved by the time they arrive. Because they provide a unified operating environment, intelligent building management systems are easy and cost effective to operate and maintain.

The pervasive growth of Internet Protocol (IP) for enterprise data/voice/video communications has brought intelligent building management systems into the 21st century by allowing centralized and consolidated control and monitoring of systems from remote locations via the Internet. IP networks are media independent so each application can operate at the optimum communication speed and cost. All of the various building management systems communicate over the same IP Network, allowing them to be central controlled and coordinated. The Internet is replacing WANs and campus networks, and driving business transformation on every level. As wireless and broadband technologies have resulted in the mobile, 24/7 Internet, changing consumer expectations and use have further fueled business transformations.

The answer to the question, “What is Intelligent Building Management System,” is rapidly changing. Intelligent building management systems are shifting to web /cloud-based technology, where their functionality will be delivered as services. Use of the Internet enables these new services to consolidate and streamline processes, systems, and services across multiple buildings at different geographic locations. Real-time information from all sites can be captured and instantaneously turned into actionable business intelligence. These web services are in the beginning stages of implementation, but as they develop, they will increasingly make intelligent building management systems more economical. Users will install HVAC, lighting control, access control, and energy management systems in their building, then select the control services that fit their needs from a complete cloud-based system.

Intelligent Building Systems in Miami

Advanced Control Corporation has been an industry leader in providing integrated building automation solutions in South Florida since 1987. As intelligent building management systems evolve, we will continue to incorporate the latest technology to provide innovative building systems for all your building control needs.

Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 to learn how an intelligent building management system can transform the way you control your building automation systems.

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