Commercial Lighting Control Systems in Florida

Learn how to lower operating costs with commercial lighting control systems.

You can make a big difference in operating costs with advanced commercial lighting control systems. Why bleed your power source with unnecessary energy output when you can conserve energy and use only what is needed to illuminate your building and outside property? Building lighting control systems can bring balance to an improperly managed lighting system.

If you want to make a significant difference in how you operate your building’s lighting system, you need to find the best in lighting control systems companies, and that would be us. We are leaders in building management systems and sub-systems in Florida and our experts are available to design customized commercial lighting control systems for your office building.

Our team can create a lighting system for your business that would improve energy efficiency, lower costs, enhance security and much more. Make the right decision when choosing among lighting control systems companies by choosing us.

Advantages of Lighting Management

  • You can make your building more attractive to potential tenants and employees with an advanced lighting system. Tenants can have override capability to adjust their HVAC and lighting system during off-hours or whenever it is necessary, just by using their mobile device.
  • We can design and build a lighting system for your property that can be integrated with your existing system. There is no need to remove older systems to bring in new additions, when just a few tweaks will combine both. Data and feedback can be shared among the systems to regulate set-points and bring valuable new processes into play.
  • You may opt for an independent lighting system for outside property that can be managed through IT software. This will cover illumination for walkways, exits, parking lots and garages, loading docks, signage, etc. This system can also be integrated with your security system to enhance protection, such as flooding an area with light when there has been a security breach, and activating alerts and alarm systems.
  • Commercial lighting control systems can be integrated to work with automation devices like motion detectors, occupancy sensors, access card readers, RFID scanners etc. Your lighting system would shut down lighting when an area is unoccupied and can also be set to perform lighting functions according to specific zones, and scheduling of times of the day, days of week, week-ends and holidays when your building is unoccupied. With lighting being one of the highest energy expenditures of commercial buildings, this type of lighting management will reduce unnecessary lighting usage and operating costs by as much as 25 percent.

Get Engineering Perfection

We are the top pick of lighting control systems companies in Florida. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large building, or multiple buildings or locations. We have designed and built commercial lighting control systems for all types of commercial and governmental buildings, including those with LEEDS certification. You can opt for time-scheduled lighting management in specific zones or include automation features also, depending on the type of business and activity you have. You will find that our building lighting control systems will enhance your lighting system’s quality, performance and cost-effectiveness.

There is no time like the present to begin to save money with a properly managed lighting control system. Our team of experts can explain the various details of building lighting control systems features and how they will benefit your business and you.

Commercial Lighting Control Systems in Florida

For more information about our commercial lighting control systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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