Florida Building Automation, Access Control, CCTV Systems Services

Maintaining your building automation, access control and CCTV systems is vital to extending the life of your investment-the equipment you purchased to provide efficient building infrastructure.  With nearly a quarter century of experience serving and servicing the building automation needs of our community, we are proud to share with your our unique “I am Service” approach to customer service.

Through our “I am Service” program, Advanced Control Corporation is pleased to provide the most comprehensive building automation services available in the industry.  With specially trained technicians working around the clock, when you are working-we are working.  Superior service standards include implementation of preventative maintenance maneuvers, along with a personally tailored service agreement.  Communicating your needs with your “I am Service” technician will assist you to:

• Lower your Operational Costs
• Lengthen the Life of your Equipment
• Avoid Potentially Expensive Breakdowns
• System Optimization
• Priority Service Response

Additional advantages & services available include:

• Improved Occupant Comfort
• User Training
• Software Upgrades
• Help Desk
• Energy Conservation Consultation
• Time and Material Repair & Maintenance Service
• Software/Database Archiving & Storage

Building Automation, Access Control & CCTV Systems in Florida

Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 to learn more about Building Automation, CCTV systems and Access Control Systems.

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