Let an Intelligent Building Management System Save You Money This Summer

You can save money this summer with this smart move. The hot summer months in Florida can be treacherous on your utility bills, with air conditioning constantly running at a prolific pace to provide relief from the heat. But there is a better way to manage your HVAC and other systems in your commercial building. Now you can let an intelligent building management system effectively monitor and control your building’s energy usage.

Intelligent building systems are an important systemic strategy for any commercial building, which provides sustainable energy management and controls waste. As a leader in energy conservation and intelligent building, Advanced Control Corporation can create an energy conservation project that is suitable to your business requirements and infrastructure support. We can show you how to lower your energy costs by utilizing and maximizing effective energy conservation solutions. You will appreciate our expertise in the building analytics and systems management techniques we can provide for your business operation.

Intelligent building systems should be flexible and support adaptability to change in an evolving sustainable energy management business environment. We provide the flexibility you may need to incorporate or change systems at any future date. We can build a new system from the ground up, or incorporate new technologies and software into your existing schematic. By providing creative solutions for effective energy usage systems, your company will save money, reduce wear and tear on operating systems, and maximize the performance potential of your overall operating system. Our building management system software monitors and manages all building systems to ensure that your building infrastructure is operating smoothly, at its maximum potential.

Intelligent building systems should provide daily real-time readings of gas, electric and water consumption. This feature enables you to identify problems within your systems and also assess system performance. Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with a variety of monitoring systems, technical and mechanical support and maintenance, and systems modification adaptability to maximize your building’s efficiency and minimize waste. Your intelligent building management system will provide:

  • Water conservation systems, and greywater recycling
  • HVAC equipment and optimization, air quality and ventilation, and toxic gas emissions control
  • Heating/cooling changeovers
  • Elevator monitoring and access control
  • Smoke detection and containment
  • Tenant override
  • Scheduled, sensored and timed lighting control
  • Electrical usage
  • Production areas
  • Chiller plant
  • CO monitoring for parking garages
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Access Control systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Identity and card management systems

Your building management system software can be accessed via a cloud-based platform at any on-site or off location. System software allows you access to view your entire operation off-site, and this will save you time from making site-trips to inspect or analyze your infrastructure. System data is right in front of you through visualization dashboards that will allow you to view charts and graphs and building performance metrics and trending. Your building management system software enables you to evaluate, improve, and implement the necessary management control that your building needs to perform cost-effectively, especially in the brutal Florida summer months. Other features that your system software provides are:

  • Instant 24 hour data access and real-time updates
  • Extensive archiving capabilities
  • System overrides and initiator identity
  • Multi-structure and location access
  • Open protocol support to access other information systems

Save More with Intelligent Building Management

You can let an intelligent building management system save you money this summer by contacting Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954.491.6660.

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