Intelligent Building Management Systems in Florida

Save money and increase efficiency with an Intelligent Building Management System

Facility managers and property owners are always searching for ways to make their property and systems within the property more efficient. To help make this happen and cut costs along the way, many are turning to intelligent building management systems. These systems, also known as Building Automation Systems (BAS), are comprised of three components – software, sensors and control modules – and help regulate, monitor and retrieve data from every system and area within a building.

Using its multiple components, a BAS will work in unison with facility managers and staff to control and monitor lighting, temperature, access control regulations, security measures, HVAC and more. Each system’s data and control will be accessible via an onsite main interface or remotely via an internet connection and mobile phone or computer. When you work with Advanced Control, we will help design an intelligent BAS that will be built for your building or industry’s specific needs. Your BAS will warn you if a system is malfunctioning or not working at optimal level, saving you money by allowing you to know there is a problem at its initial stage, rather than when the system has a complete breakdown. In addition, you will receive an archive of data for each system within your building or property. For instance, access control logs can be archived, allowing you to reference who was in specific areas of your building at certain times or days.

Another major benefit to turning your building into an “intelligent” building with the help of a BAS is the fact that they can help lower energy and equipment costs. For example, a typical cost savings amount after a BAS installation for a standard 100,000 square foot building is up to 15 percent! Imagine saving up to $.15 per square foot in your facility. Often times, lighting and air conditioning/heating account for the majority of utility costs in a commercial building. A building management system can help lower these costs by shutting off lights in areas that aren’t occupied and maintaining a specific temperature only when occupants are in designated areas.

Combining a BAS with the security systems in your building offers additional advantages to both you and your occupants. Tools such as CCTV, license plate capture and thermal imaging cameras can help monitor everyone who enters your property in addition to helping your security team keep an eye on all areas at all time. In addition, recorded video from these cameras are legally admissible, proving to be helpful should you ever need them in the future.

Running each system in your building to optimal efficiency is possible thanks to  Intelligent Building Management Systems. When you partner with Advanced Control, you will have access to some of the most intelligently designed Building Automation Systems in the industry. An experienced member of our team will analyze your current property and systems to help determine which areas are in need of updating and are costing you the most money to operate. They will take into account your facility type, budget and specific needs.

Imagine being able to decrease costs, improve efficiency and have remote capabilities to control every system when you cannot physically be onsite. All of this and more is available with a BAS from Advanced Control.

Intelligent Building Management Systems in Florida

Call Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660. Designing the perfect BAS for your building is simple when you partner with the industry leaders for over 45 years!

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