Modernizing Your Building Management System in 2021

Are you tired of seeing your building operating costs rise? Is your BMS outdated and inefficient? If you want to enjoy the benefits of the latest web-based BMS in your buildings, then modernizing your building management system is a must in 2021. Installing a next-generation building management & control system can improve your building’s energy efficiency as well as its indoor air quality.

Why Modernize Your Building Management System?

Your building’s electrical and mechanical systems can degrade over time, becoming less efficient. These systems are usually updated piece by piece, with components being replaced as they break or wear down. The problem with this solution is that many buildings rely on older technology and protocols that prevent them from communicating easily with each other. This can leave you with a building where incompatible operating systems cause performance to suffer, so that energy is wasted and systems demonstrate less than peak performance.

Benefits of Installing a Modern Building Management System

Once the intelligent building management system software is installed, all the various building control systems can be controlled through a single interface. The interface can be accessed on-site through a touchscreen workstation or remotely activated from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, table, or other mobile device over the Internet. These web-based building management solutions deliver a user-friendly experience, using custom color graphics to access real-time information from a variety of sources including DVRs, live video feeds, and other IP enabled devices.

Intelligent building software can improve the efficiency of your building systems, making out of control energy costs more manageable. While the greatest energy-efficiency can be seen in buildings that incorporate intelligent building design from the start, installing intelligent building controls in existing buildings can significantly improve operations. Just look at some of the benefits you could enjoy:

  • Improved Building Security

BMS Modernization Services in Florida

Are you ready to start modernizing your building management system? The expert technicians at Advanced Control Corporation can create a customized, intelligent building management solution that will transform the way you manage your building’s operations. Contact us today!

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