Shopping Center Video Security in 2022

In Today’s Retail shopping environment, it’s crucial to closely monitor all the activities in order to provide a safe shopping experience for your guest and to avoid dangerous situations caused by a inadequate video surveillance.

That is why most Retail Environments have fully staffed and integrated security systems that are placed strategically throughout key areas in order to improve the overall customer security. In the digital era, AI-assisted video surveillance is the number one component for safety in shopping centers and public places.

Shopping centers face many security and safety challenges, including access control as well as the risk of fires and flooding.  The best way to properly manage and mitigate these risks is to implement high-tech building management systems that include elevator access & control, video surveillance and perimeter protection systems that can be managed remotely and on the go. 

The most common type of liability claim remains trip and slip incidents which can result in customer and worker compensation claims which cost shopping center operators millions of dollars yearly.

Access control is another challenge for mall operators, since parking lots can be a prime spot for loitering and with multiple entry and exit points it’s difficult to keep unauthorized individuals away from sensitive areas.

Theft and shoplifting are also a source of losses for mall operators, with high-value merchandise being a prime target for organized criminals. Implementing a powerful shopping center video security system can help reduce these risks.

Video Security Systems for Shopping Centers

Most shopping centers install CCTV security cameras to monitor the common areas of malls such as parking lots, walkways and food courts. Security guards are also employed to monitor the cameras and make inspections whenever necessary. Modern Video Surveillance systems offer excellent image quality and can provide law enforcement officials with clear pictures of the Monitored areas in real time, as well as provide incidence recordings whenever they are needed.

Security Camera Monitoring

Most shopping centers employ security team to monitor Video Surveillance cameras so it is crucial for these employees to understand how to detect criminal behaviors. Video Surveillance cameras must be placed in strategic spots in and around the Retail Areas to observe as much information as possible, with no blind spots. Cameras can also monitor mall employees working with cash registers in order to avoid internal shrinkage.

Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics Systems in 2022

AI-powered behavioral analytics systems are smarter than ever at interpreting unnatural  individual behavior in real-time in order to react to potential threads instantly. These systems can analyze multiple real-time streams of footage at remarkable speeds allowing security personnel precious time to intervene and avoid unwanted situations.

AI-based behavioral recognition video analytics can learn, detect and even classify abnormal behaviors automatically which in turn can stop dangerous events from occurring or escalating. The AI can detect whether a group of people are rioting or loitering, if a person has fallen to the ground or just tying their shoelaces. It can also make the difference between two individuals hugging or other anti-social interactions. When integrated with access control, these systems are capable of initiating automatic lockdowns in situations where a weapon or an active shooter is present.

Behavioral video analytics can be classified into five functional categories:

  • Violence recognition
  • Suspicious activity
  • Environmental and personal safety
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Crowd behavior

Benefits of Advanced CCTV Systems for Shopping Centers

Mitigating Theft – Installing a CCTV system is one of the easiest ways to prevent the threat of theft and deal with it properly in case it happens.

Emergency Situations – Emergency situations such as fires or other natural disasters are not that unusual for shopping centers. In such situations, a commercial CCTV system can be extremely beneficial for the safety of customers and employees alike.

Vandalism – Store owners face the threat of vandalism on a daily basis but the best way to prevent this threat and have evidence in the case it does happen is to have a top notch CCTV surveillance system.

Lost Children – There are many customers who visit malls with their family and children tend to get lost from their families in large retail malls. In these cases CCTV systems can be a real life saver.

Disagreements and Lawsuits – Quarrels and disagreements between retailers and customers can happen. With the help of a modern integrated security system you can handle these situations with ease and profound confidence.

Monitoring Parcel Pickup Areas – With malls getting fewer customers than usual, monitoring parcel pickup areas for customers safety quickly became a necessity for some shopping centers.

Shopping Center Video Security in South Florida

We provide many great services and solutions including comprehensive shopping center video security solutions. You can always rely on us for assistance in implementing a security solution for your retail facility.  To learn more about our services, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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