How to LEED Certify a Miami Building Project

Everyone seems to be discussing LEED Certification these days. You probably have some familiarity with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification and the benefits it offers: higher rental asking prices, reduced health and security risks, lower operating costs, decreased environmental impact, and the cachet of “green magic,” that sets buildings apart and makes them more desirable to tenants. What is a mystery to most people, though, is how to LEED certify a Miami building project: how many steps are involved and what does each entail?

There are five primary steps to LEED Certification:

Step 1: Choose your LEED rating system

  • Choose a rating system by construction type Determine the construction type of your project by considering the entire building / complete interior space. If your project does not fit neatly into just one construction type (many do not), it is up to the project team to determine which definition best applies to your project. The definitions are:
    • Complete Construction
    • Core and Shell Construction
    • Commercial Interior Construction
    • Existing Buildings: Limited Construction
  • Choose a rating system by space usage type If your project fits into several construction types, determine your rating system by space usage type instead:
    • New Construction
    • Schools
    • Healthcare
    • Retail New Construction
    • Commercial Interiors
    • Retail Commercial Interiors
    • Residential Homes
  • Make your decision Use the 40/60 rule if several LEED rating systems apply: Assign a rating system to each square foot of the building. If a rating system applies to 40% or less of gross floor space, do not use that rating; if it applies to 60% or more, that is the rating you use; if it applies to 40% – 60%, your project team chooses which rating to use.

Step 2: Register your project Turn in your registration forms and payment; your project will then be accessible in LEED Online and you will be able to access the necessary tools and resources to apply for LEED certification. Assemble your project team and begin the documentation process. Prepare your application.

Step 3: Submit your application Submit your certification application and pay a certification fee, determined by your project type and size. Before certification is complete, your team will be required to submit completed general project information forms and completed documentation for all prerequisites and credits.

Step 4: Await the application review Each building type has a slightly different review process.

  • Application review Once your completed application and entire payment has been received, a formal application review will begin.
  • Appealing a review If your project follows a split review timeline, your team can submit design credits for appeal after the final design review or construction review. Additional credits added during the appeals process will only receive one round of review before being awarded or denied.
  • Appeal review If you choose to appeal a final review decision, you must file your appeal within 25 business days after the final review decision has been posted. Your team will have to pay an appeal review fee for each appealed credit or prerequisite.

Step 5: Receive the certification decision After the final application review has been completed, your team has the option of appealing the final decision.

If your project receives LEED certification, you will receive a formal certificate of recognition and you can choose to have your LEED-certified project included in the LEED Project Directory of registered and certified projects.

LEED Certification for Miami Building Projects

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